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Immortal Technique feat. Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D | Civil War

The ghetto is like a prison, with invisible bars
No matter where you ride, it always follows you where you are
And it’s hard out there, for a pimp to get outta
But it’s harder for the hooker that he beat the shit outta
I got niggas underground in the Confederate States
Ironically runnin’ from slavery that prison creates
So I never hate on the south, I respect they vision
I just hate on niggas that promote Samboism
And white execs that love to see us in that position
They reflect the stereotypes of America’s vision
They want us dancing, cooning and hollering
Only respect us for playing sports and modeling
More than racism, it’s stay in your place-ism
More people are trapped in practical blackface-ism
So fuck a Civil War between the North and the South
It’s between field niggas and slaves that are stuck in the house