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Minqi Li | China: Imperialism or Semi-Periphery?

China is currently the world’s largest economy measured by purchasing power parity. As the rapid expansion of the Chinese economy reshapes the global geopolitical map, Western mainstream media has begun to define China as a new imperialist power that exploits cheap energy and raw materials from developing countries. Some Marxist intellectuals and political groups, drawing from the Leninist theory of imperialism, argue that the rise of monopoly Chinese capital and its rapid expansion in the world market have turned China into a capitalist imperialistic country.


David Harvey | L’importanza della Cina nell’economia mondiale

David Harvey, L’importanza della Cina nell’economia mondiale, settimo capitolo di The Anti-capitalist Chronicles, Pluto press, 2020. Traduzione CR per Antiper (dicembre 2020) Il 2 gennaio 2019, dopo la chiusura del...